Over the 23 years of growth & evolution, Stapati  has refined its design philosophy of interpreting tradition in a modern context with emphasis on values of integrity, sustainability and innovation, which are the guiding principles behind all our works. The Stapati Calicut office is segregated into separate studios for effective organization and management, with each studio having their niche typologies. Each studio has multi-disciplinary teams of professionals, including architects, project co-ordinators, design assistants, site engineers etc, who work in cohesive teams for various projects. In addition to the key focus areas of large scale developments and hospitality projects, the office handles projects over a wide spectrum & scale - commercial complexes, housing projects, institutional buildings, individual residences and even interior designs. Located opposite the banks of the Canoly canal, the unique office spaces with the open studios connected with nature are a true reflection of our practice and philosophy.

  • Ar.Tony Joseph

    Principal Architect

    Ar.Tony Joseph - Principal Architect

    Completed his B.Arch from MIT Manipal, Mangalore University and M.Arch from the University of Texas, Austin, U.S.A in the Charles Moore Program.

    He has worked in Delhi, l3angalore and Auroville (Pondichery) before starting his own firm STAPATI at Calicut in the year 1 989. Today the firm has over 100 design professionals with offices in Calicut, Cochin, l3angalore and Dubai. The firm handles various projects in India and abroad in the genre of Housing/Office developments, Shopping Malls, Educational Institutions, Hotels and Resorts; including the tallest tower in Kerala, the 40 storey Choice Paradise, Cochin.

    Ar. Tony has designed some of the finest holiday resorts internationally, of which The Kurnarakom Lake Resort, Kerala, has been rated as one of the top 5 luxury Resorts in India. The firm has also designed the $300 Million Resort at Cap Ternay, Seychelles, for the Emirates Hotels and Resorts, Dubai, which is one of the largest Resort projects in the Indian Ocean.

    Ar.Tony Joseph is the past chairman of the Calicut Centre of Indian Institute of Architects.

  • Ar. Devaraj

    Partner Architect

    Ar. Devaraj - Partner Architect

    Ar Devaraj is a Partner to the STAPATI design studio operating in Calicut. He nas over 18 years of experience working on a variety of project types with locations spread over the country and abroad. He has been active in several high profile design proposals involving commercial developments, Mixed Use Residential settlements and Townships. He has expertise in municipal approval processes and contract administration and has been leading multidisciplinary teams in various arenas.

  • Ar. Mohandas

    Partner Architect

    Ar. Mohandas - Partner Architect

    Ar. Mohandas brings in over 1 8 years of work experience in architectural projects of variable scales. With a specialization in Hospitality Industry, he has conceptualized several award winning resorts in the country and abroad. A talented designer, Mohandas is skilled at under-standing the regional architectural character and developing modern interpretations. His extenskie experience and understanding of the natural environment allows him to create innovative and sustainable design solutions. His current work involves several specialized high budget resorts for noted players in the hospitality industry.